About Rick Cockerham

Rick's extensive martial arts experience has been focused on the details of the arts. He believes if you have to use power to make a technique work, then you need to go back and practice slowly. The best way to learn a technique is to do it correctly and slowly. Then when it comes time to fight your muscles will know how to do the technique precisely. Speed and power will come naturally.

Iowa State University: Assistant Tae-Kwon-Do Instructor under 9th degree Yong Chin Pak. Black Belt
Tuk Gong Mul Sul with Lonnie Lepp (master of many arts)
Kick Boxing with Lonnie Lepp
Ju-Jit-Su with Lonnie Lepp. Black Belt.
Judo/Ju-Jit-Su with Zdenek Matl. 5th degree Black in Ju-Jit-Su, 3rd degree Black in Judo

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